Single, Self-employed, Homeowner

Overcoming obstacles as a female, self-employed homebuyer

Homeownership among unmarried women is on the rise and Reyna Gutierrez wanted in on the “American Dream”. She had discovered Trellis as a result of a media contract awarded to her and her business partners. 

Reyna did everything right in preparation for becoming a homeowner – she completed higher education, she successfully completed several years of running her own business, and she had secured credit to purchase her first home. She also knew that as a first-time homebuyer that she needed someone to guide her through the buying process.

When she reflects back, Reyna is surprised that the process was not terribly complicated, but she attributes it to the help she received from Teresa Torres, Home Advisor at Trellis and her real estate agent, Helga Galan, Trellis Realty, LLC.  After Teresa helped her resolve a minor credit issue, she and the entire Trellis team were rewarded with Reyna’s complete trust

Helga provided listings of houses available within her desired area for location was very important for Reyna and her son, Enrique. She looked at many houses and although she was outbid by several buyers, she managed to learn what characteristics she liked in some houses and what she didn’t in others.  The biggest challenge was competing with the “buying power” of others.  In a rapid moving market and increasing prices, hard-working families like Reyna’s need to be extra patient.

Another thing Reyna learned during the process was the value of having a home inspection. She learned to leverage the inspector’s report and negotiate repairs with sellers. “Talk to Trellis” is the advice Reyna gives to potential home buyers. “Don’t do it alone”. She truly believes that Trellis has their client‘s best interest in mind.

Enrique loves his new home that’s only 15 minutes away from his Grandma’s house and was quick to pick “his new bedroom”. But it’s the backyard that’s his most favorite spot – the place he practices soccer on his path to becoming a famous player!   

Reyna is grateful to the Trellis team for their knowledge, their helpfulness and their friendliness!