Trellis at Avondale Breaks Ground!

Trellis Community Development is proud to present the newest offering in its portfolio of affordable housing developments, Trellis at Avondale! In partnership with H&B Builders, Architectural Resource Team, City of Avondale, and the Maricopa HOME Consortium, this three-home neighborhood infill project consists of three “smart home” versions of the same primary design, each of which is positioned to take advantage of the specific orientation of the lot to maximize energy efficiency. With energy savings factored into the cost of a mortgage, the result is a lower cost of ownership than a traditional newly constructed home in the Valley.

Each home consists of over 1800 SF of sustainable living based on design principles that emphasize a connection to nature, health, and well-being. The design embraces the indoor/outdoor living potential of our desert climate by creating a main living area bathed in natural light, while the sloped roof and overhangs perform double duty by both facilitating rainwater collection and keeping the windows shaded throughout the seasons for comfort and maximum energy efficiency. The roof pitch even enables the easy installation of solar panels, should the homeowner desire, with wiring for the panels already built in.

While based on the same overall design, each of the three homes will be built to slightly different building standards. The Conventional model will consist of industry standard building processes and materials, such as 2×4 framing, standard insulation, and a HERS 65 rating. In contrast, the Advanced model will feature cutting edge building techniques that utilize 2×6 framing with California corners, higher R value insulation, and a HERS rating in the low 50s. The third model, or Hercuwall, will be built with the ultimate in high performance materials, including 18” wide Hercuwall for framing in place of wood, concrete pillars, and a R value in the mid-30s. No insulation is needed in this upgraded model due to the advanced techniques and materials used in its construction.

Last, but not least, Trellis at Avondale homes are also fully integrated “smart homes” in which future homeowners can monitor such features as water usage and energy consumption, and also control the home through Wi-Fi capable switches and outlets. According to Glenn Karlson, Trellis Director of Real Estate Development, “Trellis is not just a typical affordable homebuilder – we build our homes to be future-proof, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced. Our overall goal is to help bring a high-quality home to the market that also lives comfortably and sustainably. Affordable should never equate to a lower quality-built home.”

You’re Invited!

For a closer look at the design of these homes, save the date and join us on Tuesday, November 16th at 10am for the groundbreaking ceremony! Trellis at Avondale is located at 12324 W Elwood St. in Avondale. We hope to see you there!

About Trellis:

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since we established our roots in 1975, Trellis has made stable homes possible. We provide home ownership counseling, financial access, and neighborhood development. Regardless of income, education, or background, we help individuals and families across Arizona. As a NeighborWorks America member and a Freddie Mac Borrower Help Center, we are connected to a strong network spanning all 50 states.


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Trellis is dedicated to making stable homes and communities possible through educating, building and lending.


Our focus is to work with cross-sector partners to advance social enterprise, increase sustainability and advocate the value of home.

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