2023 Celebrating People who make dreams come true

Who are the people behind Trellis success

For over 48 years, Trellis has relied on our staff, our subject matter experts who excel at helping clients prepare for homeownership, achieve financial stability, build new homes, find their homes, and lend to homebuyers. Our team deeply cares about the people we serve, and we strive to grow our capabilities every year to serve more people than the year before.

In 2023, Trellis added a completely new rental to homeownership 43 unit townhome product to the Arizona affordable housing market, served folks who were being displaced from their homes, provided homeowners with government resources to save their homes from foreclosure, created 140 new homeowners, educated hundreds in home buyer education and financial literacy classes, listed and sold homes for the City of Phoenix, prepared to build more homes in Garfield and Eastlake Edison, had over $10,000,000 in mortgages, supported community leaders and organizations to lead their communities, and created stable neighborhoods.

Our yearly audits from HUD and NeighborWorks America were recognized for our outstanding and exemplary status. We are proud of our 48th year and look forward to continuing our mission in 2024 and beyond.