Feeling Overwhelmed?

At any given time, people can have trouble making ends meet and achieving their goals. The COVID-19 pandemic has truly magnified the problem for many. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, helpless, or even forgotten.

There is help

Trellis is non-profit dedicated to making stable homes and communities possible through educating, building and lending.

What we offer

Trellis offers many classes to help people get a hold of their financial situation, improve their credit score, prioritize spending, and even start saving. Right now, this course is available online for free!

Our home buying classes explain the prerequisites and steps one needs in order to purchase a home. This includes introductions to creative loan programs and down payment assistance sources.

Lastly, Trellis is staffed with knowledgeable and compassionate counselors that will listen to your unique situations and discuss the best paths for making your life better.

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