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Trellis Celebrates 45 Years of Helping Communities

Garrett Zucker/ POSTED ON July 24th, 2020

For forty-five years, Trellis (formerly known as NHS Phoenix) has been helping to revitalize communities and to assist the under-served members of those communities get access to classes and programs that improve their finances and ultimately lead to stable homeownership. How We Help Through Trellis, people can take an array of financial literacy courses, as …

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Glenn Karlson

Garrett Zucker/ POSTED ON June 5th, 2020

How does Trellis find property and build homes? It all starts with Glenn Karlson, Development Manager for the Real Estate Development (RED) team at Trellis. Since coming to the organization in July of 2017, Glenn has been responsible for all the homes that Trellis built. Working Hard Brings Great Rewards Although Glenn’s job is a …

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Michael Kelly

Garrett Zucker/ POSTED ON May 29th, 2020

The Man on the Miracle Mile Michael Kelly is the Commercial Corridor Coordinator here at Trellis. He is a part of a team of stakeholders, City of Phoenix, Phoenix Community Alliance, LISC, Banner University Medical Center, Wells Fargo, Coronado and Garfield neighborhoods, many other nonprofit and for profit partners and of course the business and …

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Trellis Helps Another New Homeowner

Garrett Zucker/ POSTED ON March 17th, 2020

Trellis assists another first-time home buyer.

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Our Phoenix (Pasadena Neighborhood) Good Neighbor: Blanca Manubag-Melgoza

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON May 27th, 2016

Blanca Manubag-Melgoza is an individual that radiates “Good Neighbor.” She’s someone who is compassionate about her neighborhood — it’s safety, its activities, and its residents. Blanca was nominated by London Lacy, who wrote in the following:   “A Good Neighbor is someone who personifies a passionate commitment: Without being asked to, or paid for, Blanca …

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Our Buckeye Good Neighbor: Bernadette Mills

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON February 25th, 2016

Bernadette (Bernie) Mills is a great neighbor and person to all. She is a wife, mother of two, and a full-time employee who always lends a helping hand. Even through her youngest daughter’s recent serious illness and all of the medical treatment and stress that comes along with it, Bernie continues to smile and bring …

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La Iniciativa de un Buen Vecino

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON February 1st, 2016

¿Tienes algún “Un Buen Vecino?” ¿Alguna vez te has puesto a pensar quien de tus vecinos es “un buen vecino”? Ese vecino que tal vez en ocasiones pasa desapercibido pero es él/ella quien se encarga de regar nuestro jardín o recoger nuestro correo cuando no estamos o que tal vez te ayuda cuando se te …

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Our Glendale Good Neighbor: Linda Moran-Whittley

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON October 27th, 2015

Glendale resident and owner of Papa Ed’s Ice Cream Linda Moran-Whittley serves more than just scoops of ice cream to the people in her community. She gives them double scoops. One scoop of kindness and another of love, all served with rainbow sprinkles of joy on top. In our eyes, she’s the ideal recipient for …

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Our Avondale Good Neighbor: Hilary, Miles and Nathan

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON July 24th, 2015

After months of planning, artist collaboration, and one great kickoff party, it was finally time to award our first Good Neighbor Initiative bench, by artist RB Anderson. The recipients, Hilary and her two sons, Miles and Nathan, are Avondale residents who sure know how to make an impact on their community. Here is the nomination …

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A neighborly recap: The Good Neighbor Initiative Art Show

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON June 22nd, 2015

Hi, ho there neighbor! And thanks to all who came out to help us kick off our Good Neighbor Initiative with an art show to celebrate community for NeighborWorks Week. <<Check out all the fun, and the final benches!>> On First Friday, June 6, all 12 benches were on display, with artists standing by, ready …

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Define “good neighbor” and win!

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON May 11th, 2015

What’s your definition of a good neighbor? What traits does a person need to have? As a part of our Good Neighbor Initiative, Roger “Grizz” LaBrash, owner and blacksmith at Grizzly Iron in Phoenix, is creating a completely custom metal bench for us to give away (check out his work above — from sketch to beautiful …

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The Good Neighbor Initiative

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON April 30th, 2015

Do you know a “Good Neighbor?” You know the type – the under-appreciated and sometimes overlooked. Someone who waters your garden. Who pulls in your recycling bin on those 115˚ days.  Or maybe they’re the type who just throws a really good party. Whoever it is, and for whatever the reason, this is your chance …

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Calling all artists: painters, sculptors and dumpster-diving crafters!

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON April 14th, 2015

Artists, we need your help! To celebrate NeighborWork Week, we will be hosting our 2nd annual “Good Neighbor Initiative.” Here’s the gist: We need 12 artists to each decorate a porch bench The completed benches will be on display at DeSoto Central Market, First Friday, June 3rd. Some of the benche will serve as a fundraising component …

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