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Trellis Education Helps Build and Strengthen Communities

Garrett Zucker/ POSTED ON August 11th, 2020

The knowledgeable and compassionate counselors at Trellis provide financial education opportunities for those who need it. From one-on-one sessions to free online courses, Trellis has used education to help members of the community to achieve financial stability and realize their dreams of owning a home. Trellis has: Educated 44,303 individuals or families in financial management …

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Trellis Celebrates 45 Years of Helping Communities

Garrett Zucker/ POSTED ON July 24th, 2020

For forty-five years, Trellis (formerly known as NHS Phoenix) has been helping to revitalize communities and to assist the under-served members of those communities get access to classes and programs that improve their finances and ultimately lead to stable homeownership. How We Help Through Trellis, people can take an array of financial literacy courses, as …

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La Beca Phoenix CARES (por sus siglas en Ingles) Ofrece Ayuda Financiera a Los Impactados Por COVID-19

Garrett Zucker/ POSTED ON July 7th, 2020

Click here for English Debido a la gran demanda de este programa, su solicitud será revisada en el orden recibido y en un lapso de 14 días. Si su aplicación es aprobada, los pagos se harán directamente a los proveedores de servicios públicos, compañías de alquiler o hipoteca según la información proveída en un plazo …

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Phoenix Cares Grant for Those Affected by COVID-19

Garrett Zucker/ POSTED ON July 2nd, 2020

Haga clic aquí para español ​Due to the high demand of this program only complete applications (including all required documentation) will be reviewed in the order it was received. This process can take up to 14 days. If approved, payments will be paid directly to the utilities and rent/mortgage companies you listed within an additional …

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